eBLOCKs -- enumerating conserved protein blocks to achieve maximal sensitivity and specificity

What you can do:
Search for ungapped alignments of highly conserved regions among a protein family or superfamily.
  • eBLOCKs is generated automatically from PSI-BLAST results. The PSI-BLAST result is analyzed by a modified K-means clustering algorithm to build protein groups with different levels of similarities. Each group of sequences are aligned and trimmed into blocks.
  • Motifs and position-specific scoring matrices were derived from eBLOCKs and made available for sequence search and annotation.
  • The eBLOCKs database provides a tool for high-throughput genome annotation with maximal specificity and sensitivity.
  • The 2004 version of eBLOCKs is based on the protein sequences contained in SWISS-PROT release 40, with fragments and hypothetical proteins removed. It contains 158,445 eBLOCKs.
  • protein sequence alignment tool
  • protein family
  • protein superfamily
  • conserved sequences search tool
  • protein motifs search tool
  • protein sequences annotation tool
  • genome annotation tool
Literature & Tutorials:
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