FunShift -- a database of function shift analysis on protein subfamilies

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Search for information on functional shift within protein family.
  • FunShift is a compilation of function shift analysis performed between subfamilies in protein families.
  • It consists of two main components: (i) subfamilies derived from protein domain families and (ii) pairwise subfamily comparisons analyzed for function shift.
  • The present release, FunShift 12, was derived from Pfam 12 and consists of 151,934 subfamilies derived from 7300 families.
  • From a total of 179,210 subfamily pairs, 62,384 were predicted to be functionally shifted in 2881 families. Each subfamily pair is provided with a markup of probable functional specificity-determining sites.
  • protein functional sites
  • functional shift
  • protein family
  • protein domains
  • protein domain family
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