EzCatDB -- the Enzyme Catalytic-mechanism Database

What you can do:
Search for information related to the catalytic mechanisms of enzymes.
  • The database includes catalytic mechanisms of enzymes in terms of sequences and tertiary structures of enzymes, and proposed catalytic mechanisms, along with ligand structures.
  • It can be queried by the type of catalytic residue, name and type of ligand molecule that interacts with an enzyme as a cofactor, substrate or product.
  • It also provides literature information, other database codes and EC Numbers, as well as ligand annotation for enzymes in the PDB, and literature information on structure and catalytic mechanisms.
  • Furthermore, the EzCatDB also provides a hierarchic classification of catalytic mechanisms. This classification incorporates catalytic mechanisms and active-site structures of enzymes as well as basic reactions and reactive parts of ligand molecules.
  • enzymes
  • enzyme structures
  • catalytic sites
  • catalytic mechanisms
  • active sites
  • ligands
  • ligand structures
  • catalytic residues
Literature & Tutorials:
PubMed Link: EzCatDB
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