L1Base -- from functional annotation to prediction of active LINE-1 elements

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Search for information on putatively active LINE-1 (L1) insertions residing in human and rodent genomes.
  • L1Base is a dedicated database containing putatively active LINE-1 (L1) insertions residing in human and rodent genomes that are as follows: (i) intact in the two open reading frames (ORFs), full-length L1s (FLI-L1s) and (ii) intact ORF2 but disrupted ORF1 (ORF2-L1s).
  • In addition, due to their regulatory potential, the full-length (>6000 bp) non-intact L1s (FLnI-L1s) were also included in the database.
  • Application of a novel annotation methodology, L1Xplorer, allowed in-depth annotation of functional sequence features important for L1 activity, such as transcription factor binding sites and amino acid residues.
  • putative LINE-1 elements
  • LINE-1 elements
  • LINE-1 insertions
  • L1 elements
  • L1 insertions
  • retrotransposition
  • human LINE-1 elements
  • mouse LINE-1 elements
  • rat LINE-1 elements
  • rodent LINE-1 elements
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