GeneTide -- a new transcriptome focused member of the GeneCards/GeneNote suite of databases

What you can do:
Search for annotated information on human transcripts (mRNA & ESTs).
  • GeneTide is a transcriptome-focused database which aims to enhance GeneCards with additional expressed sequence tag based genes.
  • This is achieved by comprehensively mapping >85% of the 5.6 million human ESTs currently available at dbEST to known genes by means of data mining and integration of genomic resources including UniGene, DoTS, AceView and in-house resources.
  • GeneTide creates comprehensive links between ESTs and GeneCards genes.
  • Furthermore, groups of unassociated transcripts serve as a basis for defining novel EST-based GeneCards Candidates (EGCs). These EGCs, nearly 25 000 of which were defined in version 0.3 of GeneTide, are further annotated with various parameters, including splicing evidence and expression data extracted from the GeneNote database, to determine their validity as possible de novo genes.
  • human genome
  • human transcriptome
  • genome annotations
  • expressed sequence tags
  • ESTs
  • EST mapping
  • gene validation
  • gene splicing
Literature & Tutorials:
PubMed Link: GeneTide
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