H-ANGEL -- The Human Anatomic Gene Expression Library -- the H-Inv integrative display of human gene expression across disparate technologies and platforms

What you can do:
Search for information concerning the anatomical distribution and expression of human gene transcripts.
  • The tool contains protein expression data from multiple platforms that has been associated with both manually annotated full-length cDNAs from H-InvDB and RefSeq sequences.
  • Of the H-Inv predicted genes, 18897 have associated expression data generated by at least one platform.
  • H-ANGEL utilizes categorized mRNA expression data from both publicly available and proprietary sources.
  • It incorporates data generated by three types of methods from seven different platforms. The data are provided to the user in the form of a web-based viewer with numerous query options.
  • H-ANGEL is updated with each new release of cDNA and genome sequence build.
  • human transcriptome data
  • human proteome
  • human full-length cDNAs
  • global gene expression
  • genome-wide gene expression profiling
  • human microarray data
  • Affymetrix GeneChip data
  • human SAGE data
  • ESTs
  • expressed sequence tags
  • massively parallel signature sequencing
  • MPSS
  • iAFLP
Literature & Tutorials:
PubMed Link: H-ANGEL
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