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  • MITOMAP is a database for the human mitochondrial genome, has grown rapidly in data content over the past several years as interest in the role of mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA) variation in human origins, forensics, degenerative diseases, cancer and aging has increased dramatically.
  • To accommodate this information explosion, MITOMAP has implemented a new relational database and an improved search engine, and all programs have been rewritten.
  • System administrative changes have been made to improve security and efficiency, and to make MITOMAP compatible with a new automatic mtDNA sequence analyzer known as Mitomaster.
  • 2007 update:
  • The database has been greatly enhanced by the addition of a navigable mutational mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA) phylogenetic tree of approximately 3000 mtDNA coding region sequences plus expanded pathogenic mutation tables and a nuclear-mtDNA pseudogene (NUMT) database.
  • The phylogeny reconstructs the entire mutational history of the human mtDNA, thus defining the mtDNA haplogroups and differentiating ancient from recent mtDNA mutations.
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  • mtDNA pseudogene variants
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