MAGEST -- Maboya Gene Expression patterns and Sequence Tags

What you can do:
Search for the maternal gene expression information for an ascidian, Halocynthia roretzi.
  • This database supplies data of DNA sequences and expression patterns of ESTs (Expressed Sequence Tags) from maternal mRNAs of the ascidian egg.
  • Various data are deposited into the MAGEST database, e.g. the 3'- and 5'-tag sequences from the fertilized egg cDNA library, the results of similarity searches against GenBank and the expression data from whole mount in situ hybridization.
  • The data retrieval systems have been improved in several aspects, and the tag sequence entries have increased to over 20 000 clones.
  • Additionally, a database was constructed based on translated MAGEST, for the amino acid fragment sequences predicted from the EST data sets.
  • ascidian embryogenesis
  • Halocynthia roretzi
  • ascidian EST
  • ascidian gene expression
  • ascidian Expressed Sequence Tags
  • ascidian maternal mRNAs
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