READ -- RIKEN Expression Array Database

What you can do:
Search for expression profile data from the RIKEN mouse cDNA microarray.
  • It stores the microarray experimental data and information, and provides Web interfaces for researchers to use to retrieve, analyze and display their data.
  • The goals for READ are to serve as a storage site for microarray data from ongoing research in the RIKEN mouse encyclopedia project and to provide useful links and tools to decipher biologically important information.
  • The gene information is based mainly on the fully annotated FANTOM database.
  • READ also provides a search tool [READ integrates gene expression neighbor (RINGENE)] for genes with similarities in expression profiling.
  • RIKEN mouse cDNA microarray
  • mouse cDNA microarray data warehouse
  • mouse expression profiles
  • mouse microarray data warehouse
  • mouse gene expression profiling
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