AraC-XylS database -- a family of positive transcriptional regulators in bacteria

What you can do:
Search information about a family of positive transcriptional regulators broadly distributed in bacteria.
  • This database is a tutorial about the AraC/XylS family of positive transcriptional regulators from bacteria describing the functional, structural and sequence characteristics.
  • It focuses on protein sequences and on the biological and functional features of each of the proteins that belong to this family.
  • Each entry provides information on the protein itself, the annotated protein sequence and, when the crystal is available, a comprehensive representation of its three-dimensional structure.
  • The organization of the database is based on an exhaustive analysis of the scientific literature.
  • The data are interconnected and linked with other databases.
  • Multiple alignments of the members of the family, an extensive collection of references and a tutorial about the family provide additional information.
  • bacterial transcriptional regulators
  • bacterial transcription factors
  • helix-turn-helix transcription factors
  • bacterial transcription factor structure
  • AraC/XylS family
  • protein tertiary structure
  • XylS protein
  • AraC transcription regulator
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