HOX Pro DB -- the functional genomics of hox ensembles

What you can do:
Search for information about the organization, function and evolution of gene ensembles, notably the homeobox-containing genes.
  • The HOX Pro contains a broad spectrum of information including images, diagrams and animations with approximately 700 HTML pages together with 400 images which contain information on 200 groups of genes and 90 promoters, in turn linked to maps of 13 HOX clusters and nine genetic networks.
  • There are about 700 sequences of individual hox-genes of animals classified in approximately 200 homologous or paralogous groups.
  • The HOX Pro database contains data on the structural and functional organization of the transcriptional regulatory machinery of homeobox and functionally related genes.
  • HOX Pro includes a hypertext description of the mechanisms of homeobox gene activation as well as the functional characteristics of proteins encoded by homeobox-containing and functionally related genes.
  • Graphical representation of HOX clusters and Hox-based networks is accomplished by means of flow and 3D diagrams, JavaScript animations and Java applets. The HOX Pro now includes sections presenting data mining and data simulation issues.
  • homeobox genes
  • homeobox gene portal
  • homeodomain protein portal
  • Homeodomain Proteins
  • homeobox-containing genes
  • hox-genes
  • gene ensembles
  • homeobox motif
  • hox ensembles
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