AsMamDB -- an alternative splice database of mammals

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Search for comprehensive information about alternatively spliced genes of mammals.
  • AsMamDB is a database that aims to facilitate the systematic study on alternatively spliced
  • genes of mammals.
  • The main information provided by AsMamDB includes genes' alternative splicing
  • patterns, their structures, their locations in chromosomes, their products and tissues where they express.
  • Version 1.0 of AsMamDB (2001) contains 1563 alternatively spliced genes of human, mouse and rat. Among them, 899 are from human, 431 from mouse and 233 from rat. Each gene is associated with a cluster of nucleotide sequences.
  • The collected 4204 DNAs, 3977 mRNAs, 8989 CDSs, 126931 ESTs,
  • have covered >130000 Entries of GenBank and given links to 4443 MEDLINEs.
  • NA, mRNA, exon, intron and relevant regulatory element sequences are provided in FASTA format.
  • More information can be obtained by using the web-based multiple alignment tool Asalign and various category lists
  • alternative splicing
  • alternatively spliced genes
  • gene splicing
  • human alternative splicing
  • mouse alternative splicing
  • rat alternative splicing
  • alternative splicing patterns
  • intron/exon structures
  • introns
  • exons
  • multiple sequence alignment tool
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