WebFEATURE -- an interactive web tool for identifying and visualizing functional sites on macromolecular structures

What you can do:
Scan query structures for functional sites in both proteins and nucleic acids.
  • WebFEATURE is the public interface to the scanning algorithm of the FEATURE package, a supervised learning algorithm for creating and identifying 3D, physicochemical motifs in molecular structures.
  • Given an input structure or Protein Data Bank identifier (PDB ID), and a statistical model of a functional site, WebFEATURE will return rank-scored 'hits' in 3D space that identify regions in the structure where similar distributions of physicochemical properties occur relative to the site model.
  • Users can visualize and interactively manipulate scored hits and the query structure in web browsers that support the Chime plug-in.
  • Alternatively, results can be downloaded and visualized through other freely available molecular modeling tools, like RasMol, PyMOL and Chimera.
  • A major application of WebFEATURE is in rapid annotation of function to structures in the context of structural genomics.
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