3MOTIF -- a protein structure visualization system for conserved sequence motifs

What you can do:
Use this web-based sequence motif visualization system to display sequence motif information in its appropriate three-dimensional (3D) context.
  • This system is flexible in that users can enter sequences, keywords, structures or sequence motifs to generate visualizations.
  • In 3MOTIF, users can search using discrete sequence motifs such as PROSITE patterns, eMOTIFs, or any other regular expression-like motif.
  • Please also check out the 3MATRIX tool, which accepts an eMATRIX position-specific scoring matrix, or will convert a multiple sequence alignment block into an eMATRIX for visualization.
  • protein multiple sequence alignment visualization tool
  • protein motif analysis tool
  • protein motif visualization tool
  • protein structure analysis tool
  • protein structures
  • protein motifs
  • Amino Acid Motifs
  • conserved sequence motifs
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