INCLUSive -- a web portal and service registry for microarray and regulatory sequence analysis

What you can do:
Use a suite of algorithms and tools for the analysis of gene expression data and the discovery of cis-regulatory sequence elements.
  • The tools allow normalization, filtering and clustering of microarray data, functional scoring of gene clusters, sequence retrieval, and detection of known and unknown regulatory elements using probabilistic sequence models and Gibbs sampling.
  • All tools are available via different web pages and as web services. The web pages are connected and integrated to reflect a methodology and facilitate complex analysis using different tools.
  • The web services can be invoked using standard SOAP messaging.
  • Example clients are available for download to invoke the services from a remote computer or to be integrated with other applications.
  • microarray data analysis tool
  • DNA microarray data analysis tool
  • Oligonucleotide Array data analysis tool
  • global gene expression data analysis tool
  • gene expression data analysis tool
  • cis-regulatory elements discovery tool
  • cis-elements discovery tool
  • promoter analysis tool
  • regulatory elements discovery tool
  • cis-elements
  • Gene Expression Profiling tool
  • gene Cluster Analysis tool
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