OligoWiz 2.0 x97 integrating sequence feature annotation into the design of microarray probes

What you can do:
Perform intelligent design of oligonucleotides for DNA microarrays.
  • OligoWiz 2.0 is a powerful tool for microarray probe design that allows for integration of sequence annotation, such as exon/intron structure, untranslated regions (UTRs), transcription start site, etc.
  • In addition to probe selection according to a series of probe quality parameters, cross-hybridization, T(m), position in transcript, probe folding and low-complexity, the program facilitates automatic placement of probes relative to the sequence annotation.
  • The program also supports automatic placement of multiple probes per transcript.
  • Together these facilities make advanced probe design feasible for scientists inexperienced in computerized information management.
  • DNA microarray
  • DNA microarray designing tool
  • microarray oligo designing tool
  • oligonucleotides designing tool
  • microarray probes
  • microarray probe designing tool
  • multi-transcriptome array designing tool
  • probe sequence annotation tool
This record last updated: 12-20-2005

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