GeneSeqer@PlantGDB -- gene structure prediction in plant genomes

What you can do:
Predict gene structures of plant genomes.
  • GeneSeqer is a method to identify potential exon/intron structure in pre-mRNA by splice site prediction and spliced alignment.
  • Predictions are based on spliced alignment with source-native ESTs and full-length cDNAs or non-native probes derived from putative homologous genes.
  • plant gene structures
  • plant gene structure analysis tool
  • exon/intron structures
  • exon/intron structure analysis tool
  • plant mRNA splicing
  • plant gene splicing
  • plant splicing sites
  • plant splicing site prediction tool
  • EST mapping tool
  • expressed sequence tags mapping tool
  • plant introns
  • plant ESTs
  • plant expressed sequence tags
  • cDNA mapping tool
This record last updated: 06-15-2005

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