DNA analysis servers -- plot.it, bend.it, model.it and IS

What you can do:
Use a collection of methods to analyze and graphically represent various DNA parameters.
  • This web server is dedicated to the analysis of user-submitted DNA sequences.
  • plot.it creates parametric plots of 45 physicochemical, as well as statistical, parameters;
  • bend.it calculates DNA curvature according to various methods.
  • Both programs provide 1D as well as 2D plots that allow localization of peculiar segments within the query.
  • The server model.it creates 3D models of canonical or bent DNA starting from sequence data and presents the results in the form of a standard PDB file, directly viewable on the user's PC using any molecule manipulation program.
  • The recently established introns server allows statistical evaluation of introns in various taxonomic groups and the comparison of taxonomic groups in terms of length, base composition, intron type etc. The options include the analysis of splice sites and a probability test for exon-shuffling.
  • DNA sequence analysis tools
  • introns
  • intron analysis tool
  • splice site analysis tool
  • gene splicing
  • exon-shuffling analysis tool
Literature & Tutorials:
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