ESTAnnotator -- a tool for high throughput EST annotation

What you can do:
Perform high throughput annotation of expressed sequence tags (ESTs).
  • ESTAnnotator is a tool for the high throughput annotation of expressed sequence tags (ESTs) by automatically running a collection of bioinformatics applications.
  • In the first step, a quality check is performed and repeats, vector parts and low quality sequences are masked.
  • Then successive steps of database searching and EST clustering are performed. Already known transcripts present within mRNA and genomic DNA reference databases are identified.
  • Subsequently, tools for the clustering of anonymous ESTs, and for further database searches at the protein level, are applied.
  • Finally, the outputs of each individual tool are gathered and the relevant results presented in a descriptive summary.
  • high throughput EST annotation tool
  • high throughput expressed sequence tags annotation tool
  • high throughput sequence analysis tool
  • high throughput gene expression analysis tool
  • protein annotation tool
  • DNA annotation tool
  • genome annotation tool
  • gene ontology tool
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