Swiss EMBnet node web server

What you can do:
Use a collection of bioinformatics tools at this portal site.
  • EMBnet is a consortium of collaborating bioinformatics groups located mainly within Europe.
  • Among these services a web portal with links and access to locally developed and maintained software is essential and different for each node.
  • Our web portal targets biomedical scientists in Switzerland and elsewhere, offering them access to a collection of important sequence analysis tools mirrored from other sites or developed locally.
  • bioinformatics tools portal
  • sequence analysis tools
  • sequence alignment tools
  • multiple sequence alignment tool
  • protein sequence alignment tool
  • PCR primers design tool
  • sequence similarity search tool
  • transmembrane protein prediction tool
  • Coiled-coil domains prediction tool
  • protein motif analysis tool
  • protein motif scan tool
  • eukaryotic POL II promoters
  • eukaryotic promoters
Literature & Tutorials:
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