OntoBlast function -- from sequence similarities directly to potential functional annotations by ontology terms

What you can do:
Find information about potential functions of proteins.
  • OntoBlast allows one to find information about potential functions of proteins by presenting a weighted list of ontology entries associated with similar sequences from completely sequenced genomes identified in a BLAST search.
  • It combines, in a single analysis step, the search for sequence similarities in several species with the association of information stored in ontologies.
  • From each identified ontology term a list of genes, which share the functional annotation, can be retrieved.
  • The OntoBlast function is an integral part of the x91Ontologies TO GenomeMatrixx92 tool which provides an alternative entry point from ontology terms to the Genomex96Matrix database.
  • protein function prediction tool
  • protein annotation tool
  • gene annotation tool
  • protein functional annotation tool
  • gene ontology tool
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