Comprehensive quantitative analyses of the effects of promoter sequence elements on mRNA transcription

What you can do:
Perform automated comprehensive analyses of promoter regulatory motifs and the effect they exert on mRNA expression profiles.
  • The server provides a wide spectrum of analysis tools that allow de novo discovery of regulatory motifs, along with refinement and in-depth investigation of fully or partially characterized motifs.
  • The presented discovery and analysis tools are fundamentally different from existing tools in their basic rational, statistical background and specificity and sensitivity towards true regulatory elements.
  • transcription factor binding site analysis tool
  • DNA-binding sites prediction tool
  • promoter analysis tool
  • transcription starting site prediction tool
  • transcription factor binding sites
  • transcription factor binding site visualization tool
  • transcription factors
  • cis-elements
  • cis-elements prediction tool
  • regulatory element prediction tool
  • promoter element prediction tool
  • regulatory motifs
  • regulatory motif analysis tool
  • gene expression profiles
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