PISCES -- recent improvements to a PDB sequence culling server

What you can do:
Produce lists of sequences from the Protein Data Bank (PDB) using a number of entry- and chain-specific criteria and mutual sequence identity.
  • The new PISCES server uses a combination of PSI-BLAST and structure-based alignments to determine sequence identities.
  • PISCES now allows a user to cull the PDB by-entry in addition to the standard culling by individual chains. In this scenario, a list will contain only entries that do not have a chain that has a sequence identity to any chain in any other entry in the list over the sequence identity cut-off.
  • PISCES also provides fully annotated sequences including gene name and species.
  • The server allows a user to cull an input list of entries or chains, so that other criteria, such as function, can be used.
  • Results from a search on the re-engineered RCSB's site for the PDB can be entered into the PISCES server by a single click, combining the powerful searching abilities of the PDB with PISCES's utilities for sequence culling.
  • The server's data are updated weekly.
  • protein sequence similarity search
  • protein retrieval tool
This record last updated: 08-26-2005
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