WebProAnalyst -- an interactive tool for analysis of quantitative structurex96activity relationships in protein families

What you can do:
Analyze quantitative structure-activity relationship of related protein families.
  • This tool is designed for scanning quantitative structure-activity relationships in protein families.
  • It allows users to search correlations between protein activity and physicochemical characteristics (i.e. hydrophobicity or alpha-helical amphipathicity) in queried sequences.
  • It uses aligned amino acid sequences and data on protein activity (pK, K(m), ED(50), among others).
  • WebProAnalyst implements methods of the known ProAnalyst package, including the multiple linear regression analysis and the sequence-activity correlation coefficient.
  • In addition, WebProAnalyst incorporates a method based on neural networks.
  • The WebProAnalyst reports a list of sites in protein family, the regression analysis parameters (including correlation values) for the relationships between the amino acid physicochemical characteristics in the site and the protein activity values.
  • WebProAnalyst is useful in search of the amino acid residues that are important for protein function/activity.
  • Furthermore, WebProAnalyst may be helpful in designing the protein-engineering experiments.
  • protein active sites analysis tool
  • protein functional sites analysis tool
  • protein structure to function analysis tool
  • protein physicochemical property analysis tool
  • protein engineering tool
  • protein Quantitative Structure-Activity Relationship
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