InterProScan -- protein domains identifier

What you can do:
Identify protein family (and DNA) domains, patterns, motifs, protein families, and functional sites.
  • InterProScan is a tool that combines different protein signature recognition methods from 10 InterPro consortium member databases into one resource.
  • Protein as well as DNA sequences can be analyzed.
  • In addition to the Web-based access, a standalone Perl version and a SOAP Web Service are also available to the users.
  • Various output formats are supported and include text tables, XML documents, as well as various graphs to help interpret the results.
  • protein domains prediction tool
  • protein motifs prediction tool
  • protein sequence analysis tool
  • DNA sequence analysis tool
  • protein structures analysis tool
  • protein families
  • protein functional sites prediction tool
  • protein active sites prediction tool
  • domain compositions
  • protein domain architectures
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