CEP -- a conformational epitope prediction server

What you can do:
Predict conformational epitopes for protein antigens.
  • CEP server provides a web interface to the conformational epitope prediction algorithm developed in-house.
  • The algorithm, apart from predicting conformational epitopes, also predicts antigenic determinants and sequential epitopes.
  • The epitopes are predicted using 3D structure data of protein antigens, which can be visualized graphically.
  • Accuracy of the algorithm was found to be 75% when evaluated using X-ray crystal structures of Ag-Ab complexes available in the PDB.
  • This is the first and the only method available for the prediction of conformational epitopes, which is an attempt to map probable antibody-binding sites of protein antigens.
  • Epitope Mapping tool
  • protein antigens binding prediction tool
  • conformational epitope prediction tool
  • epitope prediction tool
  • protein antigen structures
  • antibody-binding sites prediction tool
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