REPPER x97- repeats and their periodicities in fibrous proteins

What you can do:
Detect and analyze regions with short gapless repeats in protein sequences or alignments.
  • It finds periodicities by Fourier Transform (FTwin) and internal similarity analysis (REPwin).
  • FTwin assigns numerical values to amino acids that reflect certain properties, for instance hydrophobicity, and gives information on corresponding periodicities.
  • REPwin uses self-alignments and displays repeats that reveal significant internal similarities.
  • Both programs use a sliding window to ensure that different periodic regions within the same protein are detected independently. FTwin and REPwin are complemented by secondary structure prediction (PSIPRED) and coiled coil prediction (COILS), making the server a versatile analysis tool for sequences of fibrous proteins.
  • fibrous protein sequence analysis tool
  • protein sequence repeats
  • protein sequence repeats prediction tool
  • bacterial adhesins
  • Yersinia YadA protein
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