QuasiMotiFinder -- protein annotation by searching for evolutionarily conserved motif-like patterns

What you can do:
Search for evolutionarily conserved motif-like patterns in protein sequences.
  • This Web is based on a search with an multiple sequence alignment of homologous query proteins against the original PROSITE signatures.
  • The explicit use of the average evolutionary conservation of the signature in the query proteins significantly reduces the rate of false positive prediction compared with the simple pattern search.
  • QuasiMotiFinder also has a reduced rate of false negative prediction compared with simple pattern searches, since the traditional search for precise signatures has been replaced by a permissive search for signature-like patterns that are physicochemically similar to known signatures.
  • Overall, QuasiMotiFinder and the profile search are comparable to each other in terms of performance. They are also complementary to each other in that signatures that are falsely detected in (or overlooked by) one may be correctly detected by the other.
  • protein sequence analysis tool
  • protein motifs
  • amino acid motifs
  • protein sequence pattern search tool
  • protein motif patterns
  • protein motif pattern analysis tool
This record last updated: 11-08-2005
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