ProTeus -- identifying signatures in protein termini

What you can do:
Identify short linear signatures in protein termini.
  • ProTeus (PROtein TErminUS) is a tool for identification of short linear signatures in protein termini.
  • It is based on a positional-based search method for revealing short significant signatures in termini of proteins.
  • The initial step in ProTeus development was to collect all signature groups (SIGs) based on their relative positions at the termini.
  • The SIGs that were found significant represent protein sets with minimal or no overall sequence similarity besides the similarity found at the termini.
  • These SIGs were archived and are presented at ProTeus. The SIGs are sorted by their strong correspondence to functional annotation from external databases such as GO.
  • ProTeus provides rich search and visualization tools for evaluating the quality of different SIGs.
  • protein sequence analysis tool
  • protein termini
  • protein terminal sequence analysis tool
  • Protein Sorting Signals
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