FFAS03 -- a server for profile profile sequence alignments

What you can do:
Conduct protein alignment analysis, multiple sequence alignment, and comparative modeling.
  • The FFAS03 server provides a web interface to the third generation of the profile-profile alignment and fold-recognition algorithm of fold and function assignment system.
  • It enables detection of remote homologies beyond the reach of other methods.
  • The FFAS03 server accepts a user supplied protein sequence and automatically generates a profile, which is then compared with several sets of sequence profiles of proteins from PDB, COG, PFAM and SCOP.
  • The profile databases used by the server are automatically updated with the latest structural and sequence information.
  • protein sequence homology
  • protein homology analysis tool
  • distant homology
  • protein sequence analysis tool
  • protein sequence alignment tool
  • protein profile-profile alignments
  • protein folding
  • protein fold recognition tool
  • protein profiles
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