PRALINE -- a multiple sequence alignment toolbox that integrates homology-extended and secondary structure information

What you can do:
Perform multiple protein sequence alignment and integrate information from database homology searches to generate a homology-extended multiple alignment.
  • PRofile ALIgNEment (PRALINE) is a fully customizable multiple sequence alignment application.
  • PRALINE also provides a choice of seven different secondary structure prediction programs that can be used individually or in combination as a consensus for integrating structural information into the alignment process.
  • The program can be used through two separate interfaces: one has been designed to cater to more advanced needs of researchers in the field, and the other for standard construction of high confidence alignments.
  • The web-based output is designed to facilitate the comprehensive visualization of the generated alignments by means of five default color schemes based on: residue type, position conservation, position reliability, residue hydrophobicity and secondary structure, depending on the options set.
  • All generated alignments are also made available in the PDF format for easy figure generation for publications. The grouping of sequences, on which the alignment is based, can also be visualized as a dendrogram.
  • protein sequence alignment tool
  • protein multiple sequence alignment tool
  • protein secondary structure prediction tool
  • protein sequence homology analysis tool
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