Metabolic PathFinding -- inferring relevant pathways in biochemical networks

What you can do:
Predict relevant pathways in biochemical networks.
  • This Web server implements two simple approaches: (1)the shortest path is computed, while filtering out the selection of highly connected compounds; (2) the shortest path is computed on the weighted metabolic graph where each compound is assigned a weight equal to its connectivity in the network. This approach significantly increases the accuracy of the inferred pathways, enabling the correct inference of relatively long pathways.
  • The metabolic graphs were built from all the reactions and Compounds of Kegg Ligand Database.
  • The results are bipartite directed graphs where compounds and reactions are the vertices(nodes) connected with directed edges.
  • Available options include the calculation of the k-shortest paths between two specified seed nodes (either compounds or reactions).
  • Multiple requests can be submitted in a queue.
  • Results are returned by email, in textual as well as graphical formats.
  • metabolic pathways
  • metabolic pathway prediction tool
  • metabolic pathway analysis tool
  • biological pathways
  • biochemical networks
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