enoLOGOS -- a versatile web tool for energy normalized sequence logos

What you can do:
Generate sequence logos from DNA and protein sequences.
  • enoLOGOS is a web-based tool that generates sequence logos from various input sources to graphically represent DNA and amino acid sequence patterns from a set of aligned sequences.
  • enoLOGOS generates sequence logos from a variety of input data, including energy measurements, probability matrices, alignment matrices, count matrices and aligned sequences.
  • Furthermore, enoLOGOS can represent the mutual information of different positions of the consensus sequence, a unique feature of this tool.
  • Another web interface for our software, C2H2-enoLOGOS, generates logos for the DNA-binding preferences of the C2H2 zinc-finger transcription factor family members.
  • sequence alignment visualization tool
  • sequence pattern visualization tool
  • C2H2 zinc-finger transcription factors binding sites
  • zinc fingers DNA-binding proteins
  • DNA-binding sites
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