NURSA -- Nuclear Receptor Signaling Atlas

What you can do:
Search for comprehensive information on nuclear receptors at this portal site of nuclear receptor research community.
  • An information portal for members of the nuclear receptor research community, NURSA seeks to develop an understanding of the structure and function of all nuclear receptors.
  • The site serves as a comprehensive database of all relevant findings in the field, with features that include a detailed, user-friendly animated tutorial, an e-journal, a searchable molecular database with PubMed links, and a library of annotations and resource links.
  • There is also a calendar of upcoming meetings. Coming soon are personal laboratory pages for researchers, an interactive discussion forum, and a jobs database.
  • Nuclear Receptor Signaling
  • Nuclear Receptors
  • nuclear co-regulators
  • nuclear proteins
  • Nuclear Receptor portal
  • signal transduction
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