POWER -- PhylOgenetic WEb Repeaterx97an integrated and user-optimized framework for biomolecular phylogenetic analysis

What you can do:
Perform user-friendly pipeline phylogenetic analysis of protein or DNA sequences.
  • POWER uses an open-source LAMP structure and infers genetic distances and phylogenetic relationships using well-established algorithms (ClustalW and PHYLIP).
  • POWER incorporates a novel tree builder based on the GD library to generate a high-quality tree topology according to the calculated result.
  • POWER accepts either raw sequences in FASTA format or user-uploaded alignment output files.
  • Through a user-friendly web interface, users can sketch a tree effortlessly in multiple steps. After a tree has been generated, users can freely set and modify parameters, select tree building algorithms, refine sequence alignments or edit the tree topology.
  • All the information related to input sequences and the processing history is logged and downloadable for the user's reference.
  • Furthermore, iterative tree construction can be performed by adding sequences to, or removing them from, a previously submitted job.
  • phylogeny
  • phylogenetic analysis tool
  • sequence homology
  • protein phylogenetic analysis tool
  • DNA phylogenetic analysis tool
  • phylogenetic trees
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