GEMS -- a web server for biclustering analysis of expression data

What you can do:
Perform biclustering of microarray data.
  • Biclustering is a natural methodology as a screen for genes that are functionally related, participate in the same pathways, affected by the same drug or pathological condition, or genes that form modules that are potentially co-regulated by a small group of transcription factors.
  • GEMS (Gene Expression Mining Server) was developed for biclustering microarray data.
  • Users may upload expression data and specify a set of criteria. GEMS then performs bicluster mining based on a Gibbs sampling paradigm.
  • The web server provides a flexible and an useful platform for the discovery of co-expressed and potentially co-regulated gene modules.
  • gene expression data analysis tool
  • microarray data analysis tool
  • gene expression profiling tool
  • biclustering gene expression data
  • co-clustering gene expression data
  • cluster analysis tool
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