ASePCR -- alternative splicing electronic RTx96PCR in multiple tissues and organs

What you can do:
Carry out simulated RT-PCR to detect transcript variants.
  • ASePCR is an efficient web-based application that emulates RT-PCR in various tissues.
  • It estimates the amplicon size for a given primer pair based on the transcript models identified by the reverse e-PCR program of the NCBI.
  • The tissue specificity of each PCR band is deduced from the tissue information of expressed sequence tag (EST) sequences compatible with each transcript structure.
  • The output page shows PCR bands like a gel electrophoresis in various tissues. Each band in the output picture represents a putative isoform that could happen in a tissue-specific manner.
  • It also shows the EST alignment and tissue information in the genome browser.
  • Furthermore, the user can compare the AS patterns of orthologous genes in other species.
  • It will be a valuable web resource to explore the transcriptome diversity associated with different tissues and organs in multiple species.
  • RT-PCR
  • e-PCR
  • Expressed Sequence Tags
  • tissue-specific gene expression
  • transcript variants
  • alternative splicing
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