Onto-Tools -- an ensemble of web-accessible, ontology-based tools for the functional design and interpretation of high-throughput gene expression experiments

What you can do:
Use a suite of tools to analyze microarray data and perform genomic and proteomic annotations.
  • Onto-Tools is a freely available web-accessible software suite, composed of an annotation database and nine complementary data-mining tools.
  • New tools include Onto-Express-to-go (OE2GO), as well as some new features implemented in Pathway-Express and Onto-Miner.
  • Pathway-Express (PE) has been enhanced to identify significantly perturbed pathways in a given condition using the differentially expressed genes in the input.
  • OE2GO is a tool for functional profiling using custom annotations. The development of this tool was aimed at the researchers working with organisms for which annotations are not yet available in the public domain. OE2GO allows researchers to use either annotation data from the Onto-Tools database, or their own custom annotations. By removing the necessity to use any specific database, OE2GO makes the functional profiling available for all organisms, with annotations using any ontology.
  • genome annotation tool
  • gene annotation tool
  • gene function profile tool
  • microarray data analysis tool
  • gene expression data analysis tool
  • high-throughput gene expression data analysis tool
  • biological pathway analysis tool
  • microarray design tool
  • gene list translation tool
  • retrieval tool
  • gene expression data mining tool
  • transcription factor binding site prediction tool
  • cis-regulatory elements prediction tool
  • synonymous and non-synonymous codon substitutions analysis tool
  • SNPs
  • genetic variations
  • gene evolution rates
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