MODOMICS -- database of RNA modification pathways

What you can do:
Search for comprehensive information on RNA modification.
  • MODOMICS provides comprehensive information on the chemical structure of modified nucleosides, pathways of their biosynthesis, sequences of RNAs containing these modifications and RNA-modifying enzymes.
  • MODOMICS also provides cross-references to other databases and to literature.
  • It includes manually curated tRNA sequences from a few model organisms, additional tRNAs and rRNAs, and all RNAs with 3D structures in the Nucleic Acid Database, in which modified nucleosides are present.
  • 3460 modified bases in RNA sequences of different organisms have been annotated.
  • New RNA-modifying enzymes have been also added.
  • The current collection of enzymes includes mainly proteins for the model organisms Escherichia coli and Saccharomyces cerevisiae, and is currently being expanded to include proteins from other organisms, in particular Archaea and Homo sapiens.
  • For enzymes with known structures, links are provided to the corresponding Protein Data Bank entries, while for many others homology models have been created.
  • Many new options for database searching and querying have been included.
  • RNA modifications
  • RNA structures
  • RNA biosynthesis pathway
  • RNA sequence alignment
  • tRNA
  • rRNA
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