TCDB -- Transporter Classification Database for membrane transport protein analyses and information

What you can do:
Search for comprehensive information on documented and predicted membrane transport protein.
  • The Transporter Classification Database is a relational database containing sequence, structural, functional and evolutionary information about transport systems from a variety of living organisms, based on the International Union of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology-approved transporter classification (TC) system.
  • It is a curated repository for factual information compiled largely from published references.
  • It uses a functional/phylogenetic system of classification, and currently encompasses about 5000 representative transporters and putative transporters in more than 500 families.
  • The 2009 update makes it more user friendly, incorporates machine learning to input novel data in a semiautomatic fashion, and allows analyses that are more accurate and less time consuming.
  • membrane transport proteins
  • transmembrane proteins
  • membrane transport systems
  • protein structures
  • membrane proteins
  • membrane transporter
  • membrane transport protein portal
  • membrane transport protein annotation tool
  • membrane transport protein prediction
  • membrane transport protein classification
  • membrane protein classification
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