CyBase -- a database of cyclic protein sequences and structures, with applications in protein discovery and engineering

What you can do:
Search for curated sequence and structure information on cyclic proteins.
  • CyBase was originally developed as a database for backbone-cyclized proteins, providing search and display capabilities for sequence, structure and function data.
  • Cyclic proteins are interesting because, compared to conventional proteins, they have increased stability and enhanced binding affinity and therefore can potentially be developed as protein drugs.
  • The new CyBase release features a redesigned interface and internal architecture to improve user-interactivity, collates double the amount of data compared to the initial release, and hosts a novel suite of tools that are useful for the visualization, characterization and engineering of cyclic proteins.
  • These tools comprise sequence/structure 2D representations, a summary of grafting and mutation studies of synthetic analogues, a study of N- to C-terminal distances in known protein structures and a structural modelling tool to predict the best linker length to cyclize a protein.
  • These updates are useful because they have the potential to help accelerate the discovery of naturally occurring cyclic proteins and the engineering of cyclic protein drugs.
  • cyclic proteins
  • cyclic peptides
  • cyclic protein sequence
  • cyclic protein structure modelling
  • cyclic protein topology
  • cyclic protein drugs
  • backbone-cyclized proteins
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