LOCATE -- a mammalian protein subcellular localization database

What you can do:
Search for data describing the membrane organization and subcellular localization of mouse and human proteins.
  • The database contains high-quality localization data for 20% of the mouse proteome and general localization annotation for nearly 36% of the mouse proteome.
  • The proteome annotated in LOCATE is from the RIKEN FANTOM Consortium Isoform Protein Sequence sets which contains 58,128 mouse and 64,637 human protein isoforms.
  • Other features include computational subcellular localization predictions, automated computational classification of experimental localization image data, prediction of protein sorting signals and third party submission of literature data.
  • Collectively, this database provides localization proteome for individual subcellular compartments that will underpin future systematic investigations of these regions.
  • protein localizations
  • protein subcellular localizations
  • mouse protein subcellular localizations
  • mammalian protein subcellular localization data warehouse
  • mouse proteins
  • mouse membrane proteins
  • mammalian membrane proteins
  • mouse proteome
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