NOPdb -- Nucleolar Proteome Database

What you can do:
Search for data on human nucleolar proteins.
  • The latest update of NOPdb is able to manage large data sets identified by multiple mass spectrometry and has been used to analyse highly purified preparations of human nucleoli from different cell lines.
  • The newly created application includes a dynamic relational database, which is kept up to date by laboratory staff.
  • The data are further annotated with information from specific external sources on the web, including the IPI and Gene Ontology databases.
  • An Application Programming Interface provides external users with a portal to link into the nucleolar proteome database.
  • From the initial approximately 700 human proteins identified in the previous iteration of the NOPdb, there are now over 50 000 peptides contained in over 4500 human proteins from purified nucleoli.
  • nucleolar proteins
  • nucleolar protein structures
  • human nucleolar proteins
  • human nucleolar protein portal
  • Nucleolar Proteome
  • nucleolus
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