BIOZON -- a hub of heterogeneous biological data

What you can do:
Search for a wide range of protein data and information through this unified biological database.
  • Biozon is a unified biological database that integrates heterogeneous data types such as proteins, structures, domain families, protein-protein interactions and cellular pathways, and establishes the relationships between them.
  • All data are integrated on to a single graph schema centered around the non-redundant set of biological objects that are shared by each source.
  • This integration results in a highly connected graph structure that provides a more complete picture of the known context of a given object that cannot be determined from any one source.
  • Currently, Biozon integrates roughly 2 million protein sequences, 42 million DNA or RNA sequences, 32,000 protein structures, 150,000 interactions and more from sources such as GenBank, UniProt, Protein Data Bank (PDB) and BIND.
  • Biozon augments source data with locally derived data such as 5 billion pairwise protein alignments and 8 million structural alignments.
  • The user may form complex cross-type queries on the graph structure, add similarity relations to form fuzzy queries and rank the results based on analysis of the edge structure similar to Google PageRank.
  • unified database
  • protein database hub
  • protein structures
  • protein domain families
  • protein families
  • protein-protein interactions
  • cellular pathways
  • biological pathways
  • pairwise protein alignments
  • protein structural alignments
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