MulPSSM -- a database of multiple position-specific scoring matrices of protein domain families

What you can do:
Search for position-specific scoring matrices for a large number of sequence and structural families of protein domains.
  • MulPSSM contains PSSMs for a large number of sequence and structural families of protein domains with multiple PSSMs for every family.
  • The approach involves use of a clustering algorithm to identify most distinct sequences corresponding to a family.
  • With each one of the distinct sequences as reference, multiple PSSMs have been generated.
  • The current release of MulPSSM contains approximately 33,000 and approximately 38,000 PSSMs corresponding to 7868 sequence and 2625 structural families.
  • A RPS_BLAST interface allows sequence search against PSSMs of sequence or structural families or both.
  • An analysis interface allows display and convenient navigation of alignments and domain hits.
  • position-specific scoring matrices
  • protein sequence alignment
  • protein families
  • protein domains
  • protein structures
  • PSSM
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