SIMAP -- structuring the network of protein similarities

What you can do:
Search for pre-computed similarity matrix of protein sequences.
  • The SIMAP database provides a comprehensive and up-to-date pre-calculation of the protein sequence similarity matrix, sequence-based features and sequence clusters.
  • As of September 2009, SIMAP covers 48 million proteins and more than 23 million non-redundant sequences.
  • Novel features of SIMAP include the expansion of the sequence space by including databases such as ENSEMBL as well as the integration of metagenomes based on their consistent processing and annotation.
  • Protein function predictions by Blast2GO are pre-calculated for all sequences in SIMAP and the data access and query functions have been improved.
  • SIMAP assists biologists to query the up-to-date sequence space systematically and facilitates large-scale downstream projects in computational biology.
  • protein sequence similarity search tool
  • protein pairwise sequence alignments
  • pairwise protein sequence alignment
  • sequence similarity matrix
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