PANDIT -- an evolution-centric database of protein and associated nucleotide domains with inferred trees

What you can do:
Search for multiple sequence alignments and phylogenetic trees covering many common protein domains.
  • PANDIT is a database of homologous sequence alignments accompanied by estimates of their corresponding phylogenetic trees.
  • It provides a valuable resource to those studying phylogenetic methodology and the evolution of coding-DNA and protein sequences.
  • Currently in version 17.0, PANDIT comprises 7738 families of homologous protein domains; for each family, DNA and corresponding amino acid sequence multiple alignments are available together with high quality phylogenetic tree estimates.
  • protein sequence alignment
  • multiple protein sequence alignments
  • homologous sequence alignments
  • protein phylogeny
  • phylogenetic trees
  • protein domains
  • gene evolution
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