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Search for database and tools relevant to biological pathway study from this comprehensive resources list.
  • Pathguide the Pathway Resource List is a meta-database that provides an overview of more than 190 web-accessible biological pathway and network databases.
  • These include databases on metabolic pathways, signaling pathways, transcription factor targets, gene regulatory networks, genetic interactions, protein-compound interactions, and protein-protein interactions. The listed databases are maintained by diverse groups in different locations and the information in them is derived either from the scientific literature or from systematic experiments. Pathguide is useful as a starting point for biological pathway analysis and for content aggregation in integrated biological information systems.
  • resource guide
  • bioinformatics resource list
  • database list
  • metabolic pathways resource
  • signaling pathways resource
  • transcription factor targets
  • gene regulatory networks resource
  • genetic interactions resource
  • protein-compound interactions resource
  • protein-protein interactions resource
  • resource directory
  • web link directory
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