HPtaa database -- potential target genes for clinical diagnosis and immunotherapy of human carcinoma

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Search for information on Tumor-associated antigens in human.
  • Human Potential Tumor Associated Antigen database (HPtaa) represents the effort to generate a publicly available Human Potential Tumor Associated Antigen database (HPtaa) with pTAAs identified by insilico computing.
  • This database utilizes expression data from various expression platforms, including carefully chosen publicly available microarray expression data, GEO SAGE data, Unigene expression data.
  • Tumor specificity was chosen as the core of tumor antigen evaluation, together with other relevant clues. Various platforms of gene expression, including microarray, expressed sequence tag and SAGE data, were processed and integrated by several penalty algorithms.
  • A total of 3518 potential TAAs have been included in the database, which is freely available to academic users.
  • Tumor-associated antigens
  • human carcinomas
  • human tumor antigen
  • human cancer antigen
  • human cancer genes
  • human disease genes
  • tumor antigen identification
  • cancer immunome identification
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