ITTACA -- a new database for integrated tumor transcriptome array and clinical data analysis

What you can do:
Search the integrated gene expression and clinical data of various cancers.
  • ITTACA is a database created for Integrated Tumor Transcriptome Array and Clinical data Analysis.
  • ITTACA centralizes public datasets containing both gene expression and clinical data and currently focuses on the types of cancer that are of particular interest to the Institut Curie: breast carcinoma, bladder carcinoma, and uveal melanoma.
  • A web interface allows users to carry out different class comparison analyses, including comparison of expression distribution profiles, tests for differential expression, patient survival analyses, and users can define their own patient groups according to clinical data or gene expression levels.
  • The different functionalities implemented in ITTACA are:
  • - To test if one or more gene, of your choice, is differentially expressed between two groups of samples exhibiting distinct phenotypes (Student and Wilcoxon tests).
  • - The detection of genes differentially expressed (Significance Analysis of Microarrays) between two groups of samples.
  • - The creation of histograms which represent the expression level according to a clinical parameter for each sample.
  • - The computation of Kaplan Meier survival curves for each group.
  • Transcriptome microarrays
  • cancer clinical data analysis
  • cancer gene expression data analysis
  • differential gene expression data analysis
  • tumourigenesis
  • breast carcinoma
  • bladder carcinoma
  • uveal melanoma
  • human cancer genes
  • human tumors
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